Ikat! Songket! Looms galore!

It can take up to 4 months to complete a length of fabric.Weaving with plastic. Try this with your garbage bags at home, I dare you!

Completed traditional Lombok textiles.I think the woman teaching me wanted to leave me there so she could have lunch. This is serious work!

But this is what we had for lunch.
Sop buntut is oxtail soup that is popular throughout Indonesia. As much as I love the clear and simple consomme of a Korean oxtail soup, its Indonesian cousin is a close rival. And the sop buntut at Istana Rasa in Mataram is the best I’ve had so far. They definitely live up to their name which translates to “flavor of the palace.” The broth is similar to a french onion soup but is made with leeks, which gives the soup a bit lighter, sweeter flavor. The oxtail just slips off the bone and melts in your mouth. And the requisite fried shallot (always available) sprinkled on top gives a nice crunch to the perfect bite.

Hope you all are enjoying the blog so far! Stay tuned for yummertown Singapore!



  1. Ikat is so, so beautiful. I hope you are picking up lots of fabric for yourself. I would love a whole Ikat room, walls, sofa, lampshades, curtains, the whole nine yards. P.S. Oxtail soup looks amazing. With leeks? Who knew you could get leeks in Indonesia?


    1. Leeks and shallots are used in everything here! I just got back from a fabulous cooking class I’ll blog about soon.

      And yes, I need more ikat. I picked up a few yards to in Bali to make some pillows. And a friend is taking me to a fabric center here in Jakarta next week. I’ll take pictures and orders if you wish! I also got some little ikat pouches for you and M. I’ll be sending soon!

      And thanks a million for reading and commenting!


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