Sapa Rooms


We booked our entire stay including the trek and home stay with Sapa Rooms. Sapa Rooms is committed to “travel with generosity.”

“We believe our business has a responsibility to give back to the local community, by staying, dining or trekking with Sapa Rooms you choose to travel with generosity and give back. We also have a responsibility to help those on whom we rely as our suppliers and guides, to improve their standard of living. By buying direct from the ethnic minority people we are trying to support positive change. We think socially aligned sourcing is a step in the right direction for positive change.”

They sponsor a number of community programs you can find out about here. My next post will be about the local school we visited.

Not only was I impressed with their commitment to the local community but I loved the whimsical design of the hotel. They source all materials from the local ethnic minorities and then re-imagine them into the creations that make the hotel comfy and loverly.


Refashioned seat cushions.



Dyed from pomegranate juice.


Tim Burtonesque light fixtures.


Banana flowers sprouting from Buddha head. Sapa rooms also has a pottery center complete with hundred-year-old kiln where they teach local kids and folks to mold creations to their hearts’ contents! DSC_0198



Our room key attached to a wooden cow bell and charms. Not only pretty but you can’t lose that jingle jangle.


They also have a woodshop where they create all of their gorgeous furniture including these fantastical chairs, dining tables, benches, bookcases, and beds out of ironwood. To my delight, they will start selling this stuff in 2011. But how the hell do you transport these hefty pieces and how much would that cost? But I loved these big chairs and the crazy rolly cushions laid on top of them.





Crazy muppet light fixture.



Warm beehive-like light fixture.



I want these giant pansies on my ceiling. They are so luscious!


Oh yes – and no need to eat anywhere else. The food here is amazing! Better than anything in Hanoi except for their cafe in Hanoi called Cafe Mau at their hotel Six on Sixteen.

Sapa Rooms Boutique Hotel
18 Phan Xi Pang St.
Sapa, Lao Cai, 19999

Inside Vietnam: (020) 6505 228
Outside Vietnam (+84 20) 6505 228


Inside Vietnam: (020) 6264 020
Outside Vietnam (+84 20) 6264 020 


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