Bomb me with some banh mi!



The first order of business in Saigon was to bite into some local, original, supremely delicious banh mi. I had trolled the internet and after reading so many recommendations, we decided to try Nhu Lan bakery. Thank you, internet.


We tried the doner kebab banh mi, which has become very popular recently and for good reason. The beautiful morsels of sweet, juicy, tender meat laid down upon a perfectly soft baguette with the right proportion of crunch as you sink your teeth into the perfect sandwich, left us in silent rapture already contemplating another sandwich. I think what sets apart Vietnamese cuisine from other southeast asian fare is the use of fresh veg, herbs, and vinegar. I love to indulge in a fatty piece of pork or beef that floods my savory senses but throw on some fresh cilantro and vinegary pickles and it’s harmony on my palate!



We also decided to grab a traditional banh mi and other treats to go since we were late meeting our friends at the war museum.


We grabbed a sandwich and pork bao. But there were plenty of other things that had us wishing we lived here.


I would have loved to take some of these pickled veggies home …



to have with my suckling pig.


We tore into the bao after catching a taxi. The minced pork was moist and there was a sunny surprise in the form of an egg yolk that made the bite nice and creamy with extra protein.




Don’t miss out.


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