Fast Hand Pulled Noodles


I’m not sure when it all began but I am having a love affair with noodles. If someone gave me the “okay,” I’d be slurping noodles six ways to Sunday. And the mie tarik (pulled noodles) from Mie Tarik Laiker at the Food Louver court in Grand Indonesia mall is by far the most addicting. There’s a Chinese place across the way that is supposedly more legit but it lacks the chewy perfection of these noodles, the deep shallot broth that rivals any soupe a l’oignon, and the perfect proportion of morning glory and crispy fried shallot sprinkled on top. Who says you can’t find good food in a mall food court?
Look at this guy go!  P1040903

Mie Tarik Laiker
found at food courts in
 – Grand Indonesia Mall
 – Senayan City Mall
 – Kelapa Gading Mall
Jakarta, Indonesia


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