Tropical Popsicles


Meet the most delicious pineapple basil pops you’ll never eat. Unless you come over on a hot day and I feel like breaking out the zoku. I picked up a zoku popsicle maker right before we left for Indonesia since I figured I’d be melting under the equatorial sun and always in want of a popsicle. But being engrossed in work and other things, I completely forgot I had the damn thing until I was rummaging through my cupboards for something else.

The zoku is simple and immediately gratifying. I keep it in my freezer at all times and when the urge for a popsicle hits, I blend some fruit together, pour it in the zoku, and in nine minutes flat, I’m poppin.


One of my favorite things about living out here (no, it’s not the pollution and lack of infrastructure) is the abounding bounty of tropical fruit. And I believe it’s done wonders for my skin. There is not a day that I am without a mango, pineapple, papaya, banana, or kiwi in a salad, smoothie, straight up, or now in frozen perfection. I may have severe withdrawal symptoms and a yellowing pallor when I move to Ithaca in the dead of winter only to find squash and potatoes.


These are the mango honey pops with chunks of kiwi. I also made a gorgeous papaya yogurt mint pop kissed with raw honey but those went too fast to photograph. The possibilities are endless. In this eternal summer, every day is a good day for a popsicle. What would be your perfect popsicle creation?


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